Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Shreveport, LA

Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Shreveport, LA specializes in servicing and installing residential and commercial irrigation systems, including winterizing your systems to prevent backflow. Johnson is also your local source for creating the perfect outdoor lighting plan for your home or business. We are a local, family-owned business here in northwest Louisiana and we take pride in exceeding your expectations every time you call us.

Johnson Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems in Shreveport

Are you tired of moving sprinklers and hoses to create the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted? Or have you noticed dirty water coming from your existing lawn sprinkler heads? Irrigation system troubles like small holes suddenly appearing in your lawn, sunken turf, bright green patches of grass, fungus, or low sprinkler pressure can destroy your grass and landscaping, too. 

Although Shreveport is not known for bitterly cold weather, temperatures of freezing or below do occur each winter an average of 39 days during the year. Freezing weather for more than a few hours can result in severe problems for your irrigation system. The system's backflow device is installed above ground so it’s critical you properly winterize your system to avoid expensive repairs or contaminating your home’s water supply.

Don’t allow water--or the lack of it--to destroy your lawn. Call Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Shreveport to tackle the problem!

Types of Irrigation Systems

There are many types of irrigation systems, but here are those of most interest to homeowners and small-scale gardeners:

Surface Irrigation

The surface of the land is reshaped to direct water to gardens, usually from higher to lower ground. It’s efficient and uses no expensive materials, but it is labor-intensive to set up. 

Sprinkler Irrigation

The sprinklers are above-ground and are fed by above-ground or underground pipes or hoses. Water sprays from the sprinkler heads onto plants in the surrounding area. Electric valves can be installed to automatically turn the system on and off at specific watering times during the day. These systems are common but a lot of the water evaporates before doing its job of sufficiently watering plants.

Drip Irrigation

Above-ground tubing is laid that delivers water to plants through tiny emitters or ¼ hoses. Unlike sprinkler irrigation systems, not much water is lost through evaporation in drip irrigation. However, the system does need frequent maintenance due to emitters becoming clogged. 

Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting will help you decide which system is best for your specific irrigation needs. Our professionals will install and then maintain it once the system is in place. 

Johnson Outdoor Lighting in Shreveport

The outdoor lighting at your home or business is one of the first things visitors will see, so Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Shreveport helps you make the right first impression! We offer a variety of styles and will help you find the best external lighting fixtures for your home or business. 

Our clients look to us for expert advice and lighting products that will enhance the architectural features of a home's exterior. This may include wall lights, pier mounts, flush mounts, outdoor ceiling lights, and outdoor table and floor lamps. You can trust us to create the distinctive lighting style your home deserves! 

Why Choose Johnson Irrigation and Sprinklers and Outdoor Lighting?

We treat you like family! We are locally owned and run here in the Shreveport, LA area, with years of combined experience in irrigation and lighting. We are committed to providing you with the highest value possible, so contact us today for all your irrigation, sprinkler, and outdoor lighting needs!