Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting Service in Bossier City, LA

Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting Services in Bossier City, LA is your locally-owned source for lighting plans and products that will enhance the architectural features of your home or business. We also service and install residential and commercial irrigation systems, including winterizing your systems.

Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting is a family-owned business in northwest Louisiana and we take pride in always exceeding your expectations.

Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Bossier City

Outdoor lighting can illuminate your property, creating an inviting atmosphere that draws your guests or clients into your space. Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Bossier City will help you create that atmosphere, using various types of lighting products to feature the architecture as well as its landscaping. We will then carry out the plan and assist you in maintaining its design.

Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting can show you the importance of using lighting to illuminate pathways and dark areas around your home to increase safety and security. You will want all entry points of the house to be well-lit, especially the garage and any areas that are in shadows. You and your guests should feel safe on your property while unwanted visitors are discouraged.

Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Bossier City, LA

We also design, install, and maintain residential and commercial irrigation and sprinkler systems in Bossier City, LA. Let us help you create a system that will free you from moving hoses and sprinklers so you can have the lawn you’ve always wanted. If you have a system but have started to notice small holes in your lawn, fungus or mold, or low pressure from the existing sprinklers, call us for an assessment of your system.

Bossier City isn’t known for bitterly cold winters, but we do have some freezing temperatures during the year. An irrigation system and its backflow device can be damaged after only a few hours of freezing weather. We can show you how to properly winterize your system to avoid contaminating your water supply and keep the system intact.

Call Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting today for any irrigation or sprinkler needs you have!

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Choosing outdoor lighting can be confusing, so here are the most common types of lighting used for homes or businesses.


Spotlights point only in one direction. They range in brightness and amount of area they cover and are often used to illuminate statues, walls, plants, and patios.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are used to brighten large areas like driveways and patios. They are just like a spotlight except they are brighter and have a wider coverage range.


These lights are a designer's dream lighting product. They create patterns on walls or bring statuary to life.

Step Lights

These lights create stunning looks as well as ensure safety along the stairs.

Garden Lights

Lighting in your garden shows off all your beautiful plants, even after dark. The lights shine downwards and out, so plants are highlighted.

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights shine in all directions because they have no light shield. The lights are on the top of posts wherever you need a full circle of light in your yard.

String Lights

These lights create a picturesque ambiance and can be strung through trees, pergolas, or over any hardscape. The light provided is subtle and can be easily moved. No matter what kind of lighting you choose, keep in mind that outdoor lighting should be installed by professionals to protect the safety of everyone involved. Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Bossier City has the experience and expertise to assist with all your lighting needs.