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At Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Shreveport, LA, we guarantee our sprinkler system installation, sprinkler maintenance services, and backflow testing are the highest standards in Shreveport, LA.

Choosing The Right Irrigation Equipment in Shreveport, LA

The professionals at Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting can provide assistance in choosing the most suitable irrigation technology and components for your individual requirements.

In order to keep a verdant and thriving garden or lawn in Shreveport, LA, and Northwest, LA, good irrigation practices are of paramount importance. Appropriate amounts of water at suitable times will help produce stronger plants, healthy lawns and maintain their well-being. It is, therefore, vital to procure a seasoned irrigation specialist who can design, set up, and sustain a premium irrigation system that meets your exact requirements.

Our customers have appreciated the range of sprinkler technology advancements we offer. The improvements to their irrigation system have provided them with significant cost savings and savings on water usage. However, don't take our word as fact; take a look at the feedback and online reviews our delighted customers have shared with our team.

A major advantage of hiring a specialist in irrigation systems is that they come with experienced know-how and the necessary tools to construct a tailored watering system that works well and effectively.

A dependable irrigation contractor will carry out an analysis of the site, taking into account details like what kind of soil, types of vegetation, amount of sunlight, and availability of water. By using the data collected, a structure of irrigation can be constructed which will propagate water evenly, minimize unnecessary water usage, and lower expenses on water usage.

Aside from setup, Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting offers ongoing maintenance services to guarantee that your irrigation system is running correctly and productively. This involves standard examinations, fixes, and improvements as required. Maintaining your irrigation system can help you save on water usage, protect vegetation, and protect your landscaping investment.

Custom Landscape Lighting Design

At Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting, we have a specialization in designing customized landscape lighting solutions. Our use of high-quality, USA-made products, backed by a solid warranty, allows us to stylishly illuminate both commercial and residential properties while maintaining our commitment to providing the best quality and service.


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