Johnson Lawn Sprinkler Systems and Outdoor Lighting in Benton, LA

Your home is your castle, a place to relax and enjoy your family, so having a beautiful lawn and elegant outdoor lighting creates an inviting place to return to every day. Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Benton, LA designs, installs, and services residential and commercial sprinkler systems as well as Outdoor Lighting systems to help you create the ambiance you want.

We are also experts at dealing with backflow issues, especially those that lead to contamination. An irrigation system uses potable municipal water which can become contaminated with by-products of lawn care, such as pesticides, fertilizers, and dirt. Let us analyze your system to ensure no polluted backflow reaches the water lines. 

Our goal is to be your partner in all sprinkler and outdoor lighting-related projects. As a local family-run business, our goal is to exceed your expectations in quality and customer service--every time.

Johnson Home Sprinkling Systems

A professional sprinkler system is a cost-effective method of having the lush, beautiful landscape you want while reducing the amount of water used by up to 60%. Once your system is installed, your lawn, shrubs, trees, flowers, and vegetables can grow strong and healthy with less work from you. You will always have the peace of mind to know the proper amount of water is being applied to your yard.

Benefits of a Lawn Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system saves you time that can be used to improve your home or business in other ways. A lawn sprinkler system:

  • lowers your water bills
  • is good for the environment
  • raises your home’s value
  • keeps your lawn healthy and promotes healthy plant growth
  • saves you time; no more watering by hand
  • reduces plant diseases, fungi, and weeds
  • allows for consistent watering

The price tag for your sprinkler system will be recouped through the value of your time, lower water bills, and less money spent on repeat purchases of sod and plants. 

Characteristics of a Healthy Lawn

As you make plans to surround your home or business with a healthy, beautiful lawn, keep in mind that the two culprits of a lawn in need of attention are over- or under-watering. A home sprinkler system eliminates both. Your lawn will exhibit:

  • Springy grass that bounces back when walked on
  • No patches of dead grass
  • Grass blades that are thick and even throughout the lawn
  • A lawn that is medium green to dark green and is consistent throughout 
  • Even thatch at the soil level 

A healthy lawn with thriving plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees takes time to cultivate. The way to begin is with a sprinkler system. Johnson Home Sprinkling Systems in Benton, LA is ready to help you get started!

Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Benton, LA

As you cultivate a beautiful yard with a sprinkler system, we can help you frame it with outdoor lighting, too. By choosing a variety of lighting products, Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting can create an atmosphere of warmth and gracious welcoming for your guests or clients. 

Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting in Benton knows how critical safety and security are, too, so let us illuminate pathways and darker areas around your home or business. Entry points must be well-lit and easy to navigate, making everyone safe while on your property.

Call Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting today to discuss any irrigation, sprinkler, backflow, or outdoor lighting needs you have!