Johnson Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting is a young company that is eager to grow its customer base and expand its services.

The Owner, Jesse Johnson, has been working professionally in the industry for 9 years.  “The company started over a lunch at Walk-ons Restaurant with my uncle.”  I had worked for him in the past before I went into the oilfield.  I would spend my off days stepping in with his company when he needed help.  To be honest, he was under the pressure that any business owner is at times and was venting to me.  He said, “Man, I can’t take on all these calls I’m getting right now.  I could literally put someone in business with the number of phone calls I’m getting.”  At the time, I was looking for a way off the road and back home with my family said, “Why don’t you just send the calls to me, and I’ll take care of it?  You won’t have to deal with it at all…” That’s it, I started taking on calls and small jobs on my days off, and it just grew from there.

Whether your sprinkler system needs some TLC or you need a brand new system installed… We can take care of it.

We pride ourselves on 100% coverage of your property and design all our systems accordingly. Not only do we supply water to your yard, but we also can help you with your water problems!  Living in the South, rainfall is inevitable, and many people lose the luxury of their outdoor space when we are in the rainy season.  There are different routes for alleviating your water problem.  Drain systems are not a “one size fits all” solution.  Each drain system that we install is customized to your property.